24 Jul 2017

The demand of hospital environments means Access is essential

Many sectors have complex needs for role-based access control. For example, in hospitals ease of access with controlled entrances is vital to medical crash teams, as is the need for a zonal access control lockdown in the event of a contagious disease outbreak. Sensitive areas such as blood banks and drug stores also require a restricted level of access based on hierarchy.

More importantly, hospitals need a system that will enable them to carry out these restrictions while dealing with large volumes of traffic generated by staff, patients, and visitors. In modern day situations like this, a traditional key-based system will struggle to keep up with the demand of such a busy environment.

ACTpro is a PC-based access control system that eliminates the need for keys. Instead, it enables authorized individuals to use a card or a token to gain access to protected areas.

If a tag or card is lost, it can easily be disabled by the system, ensuring a high-security level. ACTpro offers a best-in-class access control experience, addressing the needs of the most demanding access control scenarios.

Using ACTEnterprise software management, hospital facility managers can create cards for employees and constantly adjust access rights to allow distinctions such as areas of practice and likely working hours.

Tags that are retained by former employees or that are lost can immediately be removed from the system, ensuring that they can never be used to gain unauthorized access.