26 Mar 2018

Homey partners with Vanderbilt SPC, combines certified security with Smart Home

Enschede, March 2018– Homey, the smart home platform developed by the Dutch company Athom, has integrated Vanderbilt’s SPC security systems. This was announced by Athom and Vanderbilt today. The partnership adds the certified security system of Vanderbilt to the popular Smart Home Platform Homey.

The integration allows users to use their security system for other purposes too. “This is useful in many cases,” explains Stefan Witkamp, Commercial Director of Athom. “Take your motion sensors. The sensors you currently use for intruder detection, can now also be used to switch your lighting when you’re at home.” 

Certified security meets versatile Smart Home

“The integration between Vanderbilt SPC and Homey offers a unique best-of-both-worlds combination: EN 50131-certified security, combined with the versatility of the Homey Smart Home platform,” explains John O'Donnell, Product Manager at Vanderbilt.

As the SPC security system operates stand-alone, none of the certifications or assurances are compromised. At the same time, all sensors and data available in the system are available in Homey too, ready to be used in your Smart Home environment.

Multiple use

“The best thing about this collaboration is the fact that it allows you to get more out of the sensors you already have,” explains Emile Nijssen, Creative Director of Athom. “Therefore, it’s not necessary to purchase double sensors or have parallel systems for both security and Smart Home.”

This allows users to enjoy more comfort and more security, without any duplications in hardware, thus saving resources and money. Enhanced security can be reached by letting Homey automate based on alarm state. For instance, users can create 'Presence Simulation' Flows in Homey, which can be activated upon arming the Vanderbilt SPC alarm. Also, lights, audio, TV, and other connected devices can be leveraged to enhance the alarms built into the Vanderbilt security system.

Since all the sensors of the security system show up in Homey individually, users can easily integrate them into their automation scenarios. They can have lights in the hallway turn on temporarily when motion is detected there, get a notification if a door or window is open for too long, and turn their TV and heating off when the system is armed to conserve energy. 

Opportunities through versatility

The collaboration between Athom and Vanderbilt SPC confirms the versatility of both systems.

“The fact that our security system was easily integrated into Homey shows that our system is ready for the future. At the same time, it displays the power of an open Smart Home platform like Homey,” states O'Donnell. “This offers a lot of new opportunities for both of us, and for our installation partners and, most importantly, the end user. We are now able to upgrade security installations to complete sensoring Smart Homes in minutes through Homey. That’s the real power of collaboration.”

About Homey and Athom:

Athom is founded in 2014 by Emile Nijssen and Stefan Witkamp. The Athom team consists of 15 highly skilled engineers and professionals who work on the development and distribution of Homey. Homey aims to connect all devices at home, and make them easy to control and even automate – for everyone. To do so, it combines eight wireless technologies with an open software platform. At the moment, Homey supports over 40.000 products from hundreds of different brands and counting. Homey is available at hundreds of retail locations and eCommerce shops, including Amazon, Kjell&Company, Media Markt, Coolblue, and via www.athom.com. A curated overview of devices that work with Homey can be found at www.TalksWithHomey.com

About Vanderbilt:

Vanderbilt is a global provider of security systems, operating efficiently in 95 countries. Vanderbilt designs, manufactures and distributes systems that safeguard environments and organizations of all sizes. Agility, adaptability, and dependability are distinctive marks of the Vanderbilt brand and these decisive traits satisfy a broad variety of customers’ application needs across banking, education, healthcare, retail, and more. Our product lines include access control, intrusion, and video. To learn more, please visit www.vanderbiltindustries.com, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn