9 Mar 2017

High-tech Protection From A Technology Giant

Theft is a growing source of concern within Sweden commerce. Svenska Handelsinstitutet calculates the cost to Swedish companies totals around 900 million euro every year. The electronics chain Kjell & Co is among those affected.

The family-owned company that started modestly in the 1990s has expanded considerably over the years and is now Sweden’s largest electronics company. It currently has 87 stores in Sweden and seven in Norway, with plans to open an additional 60 stores in the country. Stefan Cedervall, Security Manager at Kjell & Co, believes that this places specific demands on security.

Multiple Detection Systems

SPC Manager simplifies the management of multiple SPC detection systems at one or more locations. SPC Manager provides support for up to 1,000 SPC panels located throughout the world and provides real-time surveillance of installed systems. User settings in more than one SPC system can be overridden with a single button.

This proved to be particularly useful for Stefan Cedervall. “So far we have introduced SPC Manager in 45 stores and are waiting for the rest to be done shortly. My team and I can monitor and control all premises from one central location. When an alarm is activated, an external security company receives a phone call before they contact us. If necessary, they send out their personnel and, when necessary, call the police. In the meantime, the system keeps us up-to-date in real time.”

Control of entrances and exits

The SPC system at Kjell & Co controls entrances and exits. Even staff entrances that require both a key and alarm code. Most importantly, the system logs activities, offers consolidated reports on burglary, intrusion attempts and door activity to authorized personnel while also allowing the door code to be changed and the problem rectified.

As more stores are upgraded to the SPC system, the SPC Manager software can be easily adapted and allows users to access multiple locations. The system also has a wizard for quick validation of pass cards.