6 Jul 2020

​Part IV: Helping Get People Back to Work

As we start actively planning to open our places of work safely, Vanderbilt is providing our customers with smart and reliable strategies to help create a safer environment for staff and visitors.

We have explored best practices for protecting employees and visitors when they come to a building.

Below we outline a scenario of how our products can be used for remote security management.

Example Scenario:

  • The rise in staff working from home has increased even further since the COVID-19 lockdown was introduced, and it is therefore critical that security staff can maintain control and monitor their organization’s security systems remotely.
  • On-premise security systems are designed around local monitoring and on-site system management. Visitor check-in and tracking processes can be integrated with the ACTpro access control system.
  • Real-time data provided by the visitor management solution, you will also know the number of visitors and time when visitors are entering your building. This data can help manage access levels while ensuring staff can be prepared to monitor social distancing.
  • Visitors can make changes to their visitor fields on any check-in button and collect extra information from whoever is entering the workplace, and keep that information stored in the event log.
  • Secure QR codes can be an effective way to provide a contactless visitor management experience. This will reduce the need for visitors to sign-in with a highly used touch screen or for a plastic card or lanyard.
  • Cloud-based security ACT365 is a low-cost solution ideally suited to projects with multiple locations and limited IT Infrastructure. ACT365 is the only off-premise solution that offers access control and video verification from one application.


  1. Ensure that security systems are activated during off-hours
  2. Receive automatic alerts when alarms are triggered, or other conditions are met
  3. Remotely view live video and receive analytics notifications
  4. Lock/unlock access-controlled doors remotely
  5. Remotely issue access control credentials or change user access.

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