28 Apr 2020

Roundtable Discussion: The Future of the Cloud

We recently asked of our in-house experts for their take on the future of cloud technology in the security industry.

Here’s what they had to say. 

Cloud-to-cloud connections

What is next on the horizon for the cloud? Today there are cloud systems in all areas of the security market. An important property, which has become increasingly important in recent years, is the interoperability between the different systems. These interactions today mostly take place by linking the systems together with the usage of SDKs and APIs. The next step will surely be the direct connection from cloud to cloud. Data connections between the "mother-ships" then take place, and the possibilities of interactions will be massively increased. Data security and encryption of this cloud-to-cloud connection will be one of the major challenges.
Andreas Straubinger, Region Manager D/A/CH.

Simple Integration Methods

An emerging trend in cloud technology is for simple integration methods via the use of SDKs and APIs. With ACT365, our User API offers incredible integration capabilities, and these methods are being applied to multiple scenarios such as unmanned supermarkets/co-op stores, gyms using proprietary membership software, sports clubs using booking services, and pop-up construction sites managing multiple tradespeople and managing their access rights remotely. With an international pandemic forcing people into lockdown and restriction on movements, Cloud/Remote Access Control capabilities are emphasized and are becoming increasingly important. Using a trusted security product, both cyber and physical, is in high demand. ACT365 services this demand with a dedicated technical support base and the support of Microsoft Azure for cloud hosting and security needs.
Paul McCarthy, Product Manager.

Innovative Third-Party Integrations

Our partners and various security installers throughout the world are constantly developing new innovative integrations between third-party systems and Vanderbilt’s cloud-based access control and video management solution, ACT365. Some examples of this include integrations with different booking systems, Bank ID, QR code reading, and other interesting solutions. For instance, one of our installation partners in England, Oliver Law Security Ltd (OLS), and Kronos Incorporated, a global leader in HR time and attendance registration programs, has developed an integration between ACT365 and Krono's cloud-based program "Workforce Dimensions." This integration has created an effective system where the personnel department and the security department can benefit greatly from the same cloud-based solution for access control. The administrative possibilities for HR are raised to a new level where all competent personnel can easily have full control over all their facilities, employees, and authorities - regardless of where they are in the world via a single platform like their mobile or desktop computer, which creates increased security and control. I believe innovative third-party integrations like this will continue to develop with cloud technology in the future.
Alex Holmström, Sales Director.