8 Mar 2021

Product Recap: ACTpro 2.15 & SPC Firmware

February saw a flurry of activity in the Vanderbilt product portfolio.

Let’s recap some of the more significant announcements in recent weeks.

  • ACTpro updated to version 2.15. One of the key features added to the latest version of the ACTpro software is ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) integration with the access control system. ANPR, also referred to as NPR (Number Plate Recognition) or LPR (License Plate Recognition), is a camera that can read the vehicle license and send a numerical representation of the license plate via a Wiegand interface. See the major changes here.
  • The SPC firmware 3.13 went live on 25 February. The firmware includes several enhancements and minor bug fixes. Key to the update is its support for the new Two-Way Wireless keypad WPK-SIM. Learn more here.
  • The new SPC Wireless keypad WKP-SIM for use with Vanderbilt’s Two-Way Wireless System was also made available. The wireless keypad enables the setting and unsetting of the SPC system. It should be used in conjunction with the SPC Connect Mobile App 1.7.2 for iOS and Android. Read about the full list of new features here.
  • The new SPC Connect Mobile App 1.7.2 for iOS and Android was released. The new release provides SPC Connect system users some enhancements that will improve the service offering to end customers. Download the product announcement for full information here.
  • SPC Connect Pro 3.13 went live. The latest updates will offer support for the new SPC 3.13 firmware. SPC Connect Pro 3.13 will also allow for the upgrading of configuration files from V3.6.6 and later. View full details here.