25 Feb 2021

Francofa Eurodis Discuss Key End-User Requirements

Our industry discussions with our Aspire Partners continued in February.

We asked our key partners for their opinions on what is a key driver for end-users, based on their day-to-day experience with them.

Vanderbilt’s Diamond partner, Francofa Eurodis, tackled the topic through Frederic MAILLE, their Director of Marketing & Business Development.

Wireless security systems are identified as being a common requirement as evolving technologies allows to facilitate widespread usages. According to experts, access control solutions should grow by 40% by 2025,” states MAILLE.

Francofa Eurodis

MAILLE continues: “We already pointed out in our previous article that to accompany smart cities and smart buildings expansion, access control will expand its current fields of applications and usages through smartphone apps, liaised with other security systems like CCTV to better protect people and goods.

“End-users expect that access control systems provide comfort and security throughout their experience in a building - for example, light, temperature, door locking, additional services like drop boxes for deliveries, shared offices or parking spots - to optimize well-being and energy performance as well, which is a growing item. So wireless appears as being a must have and these solutions require a high-level of security to protect data and ease maintenance as well,” concludes MAILLE.

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