10 Feb 2020

We answer your most FAQ: Akuvox IP Door Entry Phones

In September 2019, Vanderbilt added the Akuvox IP Door Entry Phones to their ever-expanding access control portfolio. 

The Vanderbilt Akuvox portfolio contains the R29 smart IP video doorphone, the R27 video doorphone, the R20a video doorphone, the IT82W audio and video communication interface, and the C315 audio and video communication interface.

Below, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the features, benefits, and advantages that the Akuvox IP Door Entry Phones can bring to your security detail.

What does the Vanderbilt Akuvox portfolio cover?

The Akuvox portfolio has a range of solutions to cover needs for single occupancy buildings, or multi-tenant office and residential buildings. With cloud and mobile apps, Akuvox offers a cloud intercom system that allows for smartphone video calling and unlocking, the issuing of temporary keys via QR Code (R29 Only), and a centralized remote property maintenance system.

How does Akuvox make an installer’s life easier?

From an installer’s point of view, Akuvox’s solutions are straightforward to install. Simply buy one door station, one internal monitor, and a POE switch, and you have an intercom solution for your building! In addition, with every Akuvox product, wiring is made easy thanks to their Screwless Terminal Blocks. Moreover, installers and property managers can utilize the Akuvox cloud for multiple sites from the online platform.

What are the advantages of Akuvox to an end user’s security detail?

By being able to easily monitor door and gate entrances, Akuvox increases security on residential and commercial premises. Cloud and mobile apps also add to the product’s ease of use and convenience, while overall, the solution setup can free up the productivity of personal by no longer needing them to be stationed at entrances. More importantly, you can speed up your response time to visitors and deliveries that require access.

What is a unique selling point for Akuvox?

The various products have a range of different benefits. For instance, the IT82W audio and video communication has an interface reception of an HD picture from the door communicator, while the C315 audio and video communication interface can be powered by PoE. In addition, the R27 video doorphone has a vandal-resistant body with flush buttons.

However, a key selling point that all of the Akuvox products have in common is that they all use the cloud to eliminate the need for on-site SIP servers, as this is built into the Akuvox platform.