31 Aug 2021

Exclusive: Francofa Eurodis on Security Trends Since the Pandemic

By Edouard FERREIRA, Intrusion Product Manager, Francofa Eurodis.

COVID-19 has facilitated, and even caused, the emergence and sale of products or technologies in the world of electronic security. 

For instance, video has democratized its thermal cameras by adding features such as mask wearing recognition. Access control manufacturers have integrated these video features and are investing heavily in "contactless" door opening systems.

Despite the technological profusion and all the health benefits that these solutions offer, end customers have not adapted their security system. Faced with a catastrophic economic situation and an urgent need for an answer, they have turned to autonomous health solutions independent of their security system. This is due to ease and speed of implementation as well as economic reasons. These solutions were very rarely technological (PVC partition panels, floor markings, queuing posts, etc.).