19 Nov 2018

Examining the power of integration: SPC and COSMO

At Vanderbilt, we pride ourselves on working with the very best partners to ensure we can offer the most excellent integrated solutions for our customers. Because of this, SPC is compatible with VMS, BMS and other systems providing you with the best solutions to meet your customers’ bespoke needs.

SPC is an extraordinarily versatile and powerful Grade 3 switch and is now fully integrated with the COSMO PSIM+ software. In this way, with COSMO it is possible to manage/control one or several security systems from a single web platform.

Set up the SPC control panel and transfer the configuration to COSMO. This connection, in constant communication, allows to check for failures, malfunctions or alarms, and are presented in real time on the COSMO web platform. This integration also enables users to be notified of alarms through email and SMS alerts. This clears the way for quick and efficient resolutions of intrusions. 

Optimized evolution

COSMO is a multi-language system, compatible with a wide range of equipment and brands. It was designed to make the most of the industry's current standards regarding the integration of equipment and installations, allowing a permanent and optimized evolution for each solution.

When integrated with SPC, a host of additional features become available from a single web platform. These include, real-time access to the status of all the panels, zones, and partitions; graphics access to information through physical (map) or logical location; remote control of panels and partitions (arm / disarm / partial (part set)); remote bypass of zones; video validation and an alarm log.

All operators’ interactions are logged, privacy being ensured, allowing verification of all actions and thus leading to the continuous improvement of pre-defined procedures and rules. 

Simple & effective

SPC can be added to COSMO just by filling a few fields that allow for communication with the panel.

These areas include your SPC IP address, SPC port number, your SPC username and password, the number of configured zones and partitions you have on your SPC. The remaining configurations regard COSMO communication processing and other setups.

After adding the SPC Central to COSMO, you can import all current configured Partitions and Zones to COSMO, what will allow duplicating the same structure at COSMO. It’s possible to update SPC local configurations anytime at COSMO by re-importing Partitions and Zones information.

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