5 Nov 2018

Emergence of IoT means agility more important than ever to meet customer needs

At Vanderbilt, we are passionate about meeting customers’ demands and our innovation in the security market is driven by their needs and expectations. We strive to be a market leader across all product lines and sectors.

Our cloud-based products are customer-focused and enable instant access and remote management of tasks to help save time and expense on otherwise laborious tasks. We understand the issues our customers’ face and our solutions are designed to meet these needs.

Close level collaboration

Our Nordic Region Manager Alex Holmström recently spoke about why these core values are so important in today’s market.

“As the security industry is developing so fast now with the Internet of Things and new business models emerging, I believe it’s more important than ever to be agile and adaptable in your approach." 

Looking at our different line-ups - ACT, SPC, and Omnis - combined with the smart accessories we have, the possibilities of utilizing smart third-party integrations that we have available are endless and definitely provide a competitive edge to our partners.
Alex Holmström, Nordic Region Manager, Vanderbilt.

“All these innovations are possible thanks to our dedicated and skilled R&D teams and of course the feedback provided to us from our customers. To always provide high level solutions and services, we as a company need to have close level collaboration and communication together with our customers and always continue to listen to what the market wants. This is the only way to provide long-term success.”

Vanderbilt Mantra

Our mission at Vanderbilt is to be dependable, agile and flexible to your needs and solution requirements. Our customer service and technical support are highly trained and available when you need them.

We recognize that solutions need to meet the varied requirements of different applications and be flexible enough to grow and adapt to your changing needs.

We value your business and aspire to move forward in a manner that is mutually beneficial. Together with you, our customers, Vanderbilt is Ready for any Challenge!