13 Jan 2022

Editorial: ACT365 Truly Has A Deep Set of Features

While remote monitoring and maintenance have been brought front and center due to the global pandemic, ACT365 was established as an award-winning cloud-based solution long before that.

So, that foundation of experience gives the access control and video management solution a real sense of authority in the domain of remote working.

For instance, I gave a demo in Dublin the other day. Afterward, the installer had a checklist of questions for me on the extent of ACT365’s capabilities. But like said, ACT365 is long-established in the world of cloud-based access control.

  • Can an end-user manager all of their sites remotely? Check. That is what it is designed for in a nutshell.
  • What software needs to be installed for me to give them access? None. It is all accessible from any internet-connected device, including a mobile phone. In fact, there is no PC or server, and all updates are deployed immediately via the firmware.
  • The end-user would also like push notifications from the system for any faults or alerts. No problem, this can be set up for both the end-user and the installer.

Not on our Mailing List?

Later that evening, I thought about what would have happened if ACT365 did not have mobile notifications. Would the installer have drawn the line there and walked away? You never know what features will get a deal over the line, but being able to tell someone, “Yes, it does all of those things,” certainly feels good either way.

Thankfully, ACT365, despite being a well-established solution, is still constantly evolving and updating its feature set. For example, we have added features like sending QR codes and using virtual credentials from your mobile phone in the last year alone. We also updated the video verification feature to make it easier than ever before. Now, within the software, a scroll bar under the video tab allows the user to have instant access to any recently logged events and the recorded video.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out our quick how-to video below to learn how to view the live stream footage by selecting "Camera" and looking at the Live Events on the ACT365 customer portal.

I am a Business Development Manager for Vanderbilt Industries in Ireland. Currently I oversee the sales and opportunities for our cloud-based access control system ACT365. Originally I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota where I was in the U.S. Army for 6 years. Upon completion of my service I moved from Honolulu, Hawaii to Dublin, IE to complete my degree in Business from DBS where my wife and I have lived for the past 5 years. While I am relatively new to access control I have been surrounded by it most of my life with many members of my family in the security industry. As a BDM my goal is to show and train all of our customers in the aspects of cloud-based technology regarding Access Control and how it can impact their business as well as their customers for the better, and in some instances ways they weren’t aware were possible. At the moment we are starting to see the shift in the pillars of security to cloud-based products and ideology.