22 Feb 2022

Editorial: ACT365 in a Nutshell? Accessibility

When I began this role at the beginning of the year, I said in an interview that ACT365 is the future of access control. Now, coming on 12 months in the job, that is a seed that has not been uprooted from my viewpoint. In fact, if anything, based on my numerous conversations with customers throughout Ireland, it is now a belief of mine that is uncompromising.

The briefest possible definition of ACT365 from conversations with customers is this: Accessibility.

Time and time again without hesitation that is the distinguishing characteristic of ACT365 that is brought to my attention by customers. 

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Remote monitoring. Remote management. Remote maintenance. It all boils down to accessibility. That is the currency that ACT365 deals in, and accessibility is the indispensable value that both installers and end-users alike are seeing in cloud-based solutions.

Just last week, I had a phone call with a customer who had seen an ACT365 demo a few years back, and although impressed with its features at the time, he did not commit to the concept. Now with remote everything to the forefront since the pandemic hit in early 2020, they see that cloud-based access control and video management is a true trump card to develop and build a business around. Why? That word again - accessibility. We have since arranged a refresher course as that customer has multiple tenders out to various sites and ACT365 is the lynchpin of their application.

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For instance, projects like hot desks and meeting rooms are reaping the benefits of cloud-based solutions since the pandemic. The hot desk model sees workers reserve their workstations daily, which can vary according to availability. Through ACT365, workers can be sent a QR code to their mobile phone, which gives them access to a hot desk during a set time period.

This convenience allows the building manager to create instant access to the premises using the ACT365 software. At the same time, all the worker has to do is present their QR code to a QR reader to gain access to their pre-booked hot desk. Simple as. Accessibility. Always. That’s ACT365 in a nutshell.

Interested in learning more about ACT365? Why not watch our series of how-to ACT365 videos on YouTube, starting with “How to send a QR Code in ACT365”. Just watch below.

I am a Business Development Manager for Vanderbilt Industries in Ireland. Currently I oversee the sales and opportunities for our cloud-based access control system ACT365. Originally I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota where I was in the U.S. Army for 6 years. Upon completion of my service I moved from Honolulu, Hawaii to Dublin, IE to complete my degree in Business from DBS where my wife and I have lived for the past 5 years. While I am relatively new to access control I have been surrounded by it most of my life with many members of my family in the security industry. As a BDM my goal is to show and train all of our customers in the aspects of cloud-based technology regarding Access Control and how it can impact their business as well as their customers for the better, and in some instances ways they weren’t aware were possible. At the moment we are starting to see the shift in the pillars of security to cloud-based products and ideology.