17 Feb 2020

Premier Doncaster venue gets the ACT365 treatment

Oliver Law Security Ltd (OLS) recently installed Vanderbilt’s ACT365 in The Dome, a premier venue of the Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT). The DCLT is a registered charity delivering premier leisure provision venues across Doncaster.

The Dome required a new solution that would protect several areas, including one of the largest gym’s in Doncaster, The Fitness Village, and OLS did not hesitate to recommend the Vanderbilt ACT365 system.

“We didn’t hesitate to recommend the Vanderbilt ACT365 system,” discloses Oliver Law, Managing Director of OLS. “As a Vanderbilt Gold Integration Partner, this is our go-to product, and for Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust, the flexibility and scalability of the product is best placed to grow with their business.”

In addition to the DCLT’s security requirement, OLS also recognized ACT365 as an ideal solution for this task, given the product’s very focused API integration. Thanks to the ACT365 interface, OLS was able to integrate DCLT’s gym management system to enable single-source data to be used to populate the access control system, keep records up-to-date, and enhance the customer experience.

API Interface

Law illustrates: “For instance, previously, the older system had taken up to 3-5 seconds to validate members and open the entry turnstiles. Once the API interface had been achieved, this validation is now done instantly through ACT365 and allows members with active memberships through the entry points without any minimal delay.

“The scope of this project, although not significant in the number of doors, was a very technical project with integration into SQL server and a third-party membership system with the potential for thousands of would-be users,” Law explains.

Law continues that using ACT365 and its API interface is a game-changer for this type of project. This is because, with multiple updates per day, the access control system is always fully populated with the correct, validated members ensuring The Dome is protected against memberships that have lapsed.

Flexible & Customer-Friendly

Moreover, the system is very user-friendly and can grow with DCLT’s plan for the future, and adding further developed integration for other areas within the near future.

“OLS has a strong ethos of moving forward with emerging technologies such as the cloud and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Achieving Gold Integration Partner status with Vanderbilt shows how strongly we believe in working with them. The ACT365 product is not only flexible and customer-friendly, but the in-built API offers a higher degree of scope for us and our business.

“We are fully committed to working and growing with Vanderbilt, and we look forward to other projects of this nature in the future,” Law concludes.