4 Dec 2017

Detektor win demonstrates SPC Connect strength

SPC Connect’s recent win at the Detektor International Awards tops off a hugely successful 2017 for the hosted cloud-based intrusion solution.

The Detektor International Awards recognize products that meet the criteria of outstanding innovations and contributions to the advancement of the security industry. This specific mantra makes SPC Connect’s win in the Alarms category a real standout achievement.

SPC Connect is a hosted cloud-based solution designed specifically for installers to monitor, manage, and maintain SPC panels remotely from any location. 

"WITH MAJOR USER management enhancements, SPC Connect speeds up the process of adding and configuring users. It means that the system administrator can now quickly configure users to have access to their SPC system, while simultaneously saving them time and money,” explains John O’Donnell, Product Manager at Vanderbilt.

The push notifications for IOS devices ensure SPC Connect users are informed of new information related to their SPC system, even when the app is closed. The system also includes new local user management features, facilitating the ability to add new accounts through the server, import lists of multiple users, and automatically register multiple accounts at any given time, simplifying the user experience.

“SPC is one of the best intrusion detection solutions on the market for system user requirements and we’re committed to providing customers with a stable and established security system that offers whole market scalability and future-proof guarantee,” concludes O’Donnell.

REMOTE MONITORING IS a backbone feature of SPC Connect. This ability allows for the elimination of once laborious tasks that are now capable of instant execution through the quick click of a button on mobile or desktop devices. Remote monitoring means SPC Connect allows for technical queries to be diagnosed and resolved on the go, delivering ultimate control to site security. This enables site issues to be dealt with efficiently, minimizing disruption as these can be addressed immediately and around the clock.

Essentially what SPC Connect boils down to is providing ease of use and convenience. SPC Connect saves time and money and brings peace of mind. The Detekor award is a real stamp of approval for the innovative and user-first intruder detection solution.

For more information, visit: https://vanderbiltindustries.com/spcconnect