14 Oct 2020

Demo: Configuring SMS in SPC

Overview of how to configure SMS for reporting and control on SPC.

The SMS functionality within SPC allows us to receive events via SMS and also to control the system. The SMS number is configured per user, and the event each receives can be managed.

The SMS can also control the system allowing the user to arm or disarm their system remotely using SMS commands. The user may also perform other action if they wish, including:

  • Part set
  • Turning outputs on/off
  • Allowing engineer access
  • Clearing alerts
  • Viewing the log 

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The events that the user may receive notifications about includes:

  • Alarm activation
  • Confirmed alarms
  • Fault and tamper
  • Setting and unsetting
  • Inhibit and isolate
  • All other types of events 

Watch the video below to learn how to configure and use SMS in SPC.

The Vanderbilt SPC intrusion system offers systems ranging from 32 inputs/zones to 512 inputs/zones and 2 doors to 64 doors. The SPC6000 series can also provide support for up to 2,500 users, which can be used as both intrusion and access users. To learn more about the SPC SMS features SPC Support Info.

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