16 Sep 2020

Demo: Setup alarm reporting receiver in FlexC

The Flexible Secure Communications Protocol (FlexC) enables communications for an Internet Protocol (IP) based single or multiple path Alarm Transmission System (ATS).

In layman’s terms, FlexC, Vanderbilt’s communications protocol, was built from the ground up solely with cybersecurity in mind. FlexC is a multipath, multi-redundant, highly encrypted communications protocol that allows secure monitoring and control of IP communication paths.

In this video, learn how to configure SPC IP communications using the SPC COM XT software. This video explains how to set up this advanced reporting system quickly and easily. SPC COM XT is available from Vanderbilt Industries.

Please contact your local sales team to find out more. The Vanderbilt SPC intrusion system offers systems ranging from 32 inputs/zones to 512 inputs/zones and from 2 doors to 64 doors. The SPC6000 series can also provide support for up to 2,500 users, which can be used as both intrusion and access users.

Watch the Demo!