13 May 2020

Demo: Tracking indoor capacity with ACTpro software

The following ACTpro software demo highlights a simple method of controlling the number of people in a building at any one time.

This rule is ideal for a retail or office building environment. It is a very simple rule to implement and is available today in the ACTpro software. First, you will need to install an input and output module at the entrance to your environment, along with a light beam. 

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Demo Transcript:

  1. Every time someone enters the building, the “customers inside counter” in the ACTpro rules mapping engine increases, and every time some exits the building, the “customer outside counter” decreases.
  2. Then, set a condition that when the number of users has incremented to eight, the light beam at the entrance will turn on.
  3. When the number of users decrements to seven, the light beam turns off. 

This simple rule shows when an office or shop has reached the maximum number of people allowed into the building at that period.