10 Jun 2020

​Demo: ACTpro Rules Mapping & Cleaning Doors

This demo outlines how you can create a rule in the ACTpro rules mapping engine to help ensure that access points to your business are regularly cleaned.

This is a simple rule that will help businesses implement new health and safety measures due to COVID-19. Following a few quick steps, you can setup notifications for when a door has been used a specific number of times to have its surface cleaned. This will ensure that the doors that are being more commonly used by customers and staff can be cleaned more regularly.

How it works:

  1. Create a new rule under Rules, titled “Clean door every 5 users.”
  2. Under Door, select the specific door you want this rule to apply to.
  3. Under Event Type, select Access Granted and Exit Granted.
  4. Combine Door and Event Type so that when these events happen, an email will be sent.
  5. Under Send Email, type in your message (for example, “Door has been used 5 times. Please clean it.”
  6. Under Trigger Event with Occurrence, select the number of times that you want the event to occur before the email is triggered.