10 Dec 2020

Missed our December newsletter? Here are the Key Takeaways

Our monthly newsletter was dispatched to our customer base on 3 December.

In case you missed it in your inbox, or have yet to subscribe to our mailing list, here are some of the main topics communicated in our monthly news blast.

  • Our latest special promotion offers customers 20 FREE credentials with BLUE-A and BLUE-C readers purchased using the special partcodes listed in the following flyer. This offer is open until 31 December 2020.
  • Vanderbilt has recently released SPC FW 3.12 and SPC Connect Pro FW 3.12. Among other features, the SPC FW 3.12 update included a bug fix on EDP alarm transmissions. For more information on the circumstances and the available workarounds on this, you can check the release notes here.
  • Vanderbilt`s powerful GM7xx series is the result of over 45 years engineering experience in the field of seismic detectors. Our products are specifically designed for round-the-clock monitoring of safes, ATMs, and strong rooms.Read more.
  • Vanderbilt's award-winning ACT system has officially received its integration certificates from Milestone. This official certification means that Vanderbilt’s ACT now has full VMS integration with the Milestone Integration Platform. Read more.

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