24 May 2022

Cybersecurity: Protecting Today's Organizations

Cybercrime is ever-increasing, and it's risen every year since its inception. The real threat that cybercrime brings to individuals and organizations leaves them feeling anxious, thinking about the possibilities that can happen without appropriate security practices or solutions. In response to this increasing threat, we must be as proactive as possible.

Here are a few trends that we see this year as organizations take action to protect themselves.

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Physical and Cybersecurity Convergence

The idea of physical and cybersecurity convergence is not new and has been a discussion amongst industry leaders for many years. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), created by Congress in 2018, defines convergence as "a formal collaboration between previously disjointed security functions." It's been proven that organizations with combined physical and cybersecurity operations are better prepared and more robust, enabling them to easily define risks, prevent, mitigate, and respond to threats plaguing the organization. Convergence also allows data sharing and unified growth of security best practices across security departments.

User Awareness and Detection

Cybersecurity needs to be at the forefront to stop attacks like phishing or false authentication, and mitigate threats. Best practices in an organization include encouraging employees to view cybersecurity as a necessity for themselves and the organization. Suppose the heads of the organization care deeply about these policies. In that case, it will lead to a better overall organizational culture, and utilizing cyber security solutions while promoting best practices will become the norm across the organization.

Multifactor Authentication

Individuals simply assigning or attempting to create passwords with letters, numbers, or characters is no longer a sustainable security option for most devices. Those seeking harm will try to crack passwords with highly sophisticated programs and have been known to use all types of brute-force attacks to get what they want. Multifactor authentication is vital in this day in age, and its importance is not spoken about enough. Even if it can cause a bit of a setback, the amount of security it provides is well worth the minor inconvenience of two or three logins. 

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ACRE takes cybersecurity seriously and has worked to develop unique solutions like Razberi Monitor, which is the latest addition to the ACRE and ComNet product portfolio. A vital benefit of this program is that it protects against the multiple commonly cited cyberattack vulnerabilities, including weak passwords, not updating software or firmware, and best practices for routine maintenance to remain secure.

A solution like Razberi Monitor enables shorter response times to cybersecurity events and real-time alerts and logs to proactively notify users of active threats. It can catch cyber posture and issues with servers, cameras, and other IoT devices in real-time, forming proactive responses to threats and providing organizations peace of mind like never before.

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