20 Jan 2021

A Closer Look at Contact Traceability Reporting

Contact traceability reporting is one of the latest features to be added to ACT365, Vanderbilt’s cloud-based access control and video management system.

Following the successful addition of this feature to ACT365, the company also rolled out the feature in their ACTpro and SiPass integrated access control systems.

Nick Pegtol, Region Manager International Sales at the company, sums up the benefit that this new feature delivers to end-users, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic:

“The feature delivers the ability to see who has been in contact with a person of interest, specifically a person who has been reported sick,” says Pegtol. “It allows you to see very quickly who has been around someone who has later turned out to be sick, which is very important at this time.”

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For instance, thanks to contact traceability reporting, users of Vanderbilt’s three main access control systems can now successfully:

  • Track potentially infected employees and the doors they enter.
  • See people who entered the same door/room.
  • Contact any employee with details from an exported Excel report via ACT365.
  • Monitor doors that require cleaning or disinfecting.

Backed by these features, Pegtol outlines the unique selling point that contact tracing brings to the Vanderbilt access control product line. 

“This feature is very actual, in a sense that it shows that we’re very reactive to the world around us and develop features for an environment that needs to adapt . The fact that we are including this in all three of our product lines is very telling. We believe contact tracing using an access control system will aid in keeping people and business safer. It is certainly an added benefit available to use on the system.”

This feature is particularly effective in sectors such as office spaces that are being rented out to multiple companies. For instance, if an office building is home to several companies with employees coming in and out of the building throughout the day, the ability to track the movements of infected people will be critical.

For more information on Vanderbilt’s contact traceability feature, download the full product announcement document here