20 Oct 2020

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Mobile Credentials

The ever-accelerating usage of smartphones is transforming electronic security & the access control sector. Smartphones are not easily lost or misplaced & accompany users wherever they go. They can be used to transmit credentials through a door, removing the need for a physical card or tag.

Mobile Credential Benefits


Our comprehension of cybersecurity is based around the global internet, where software attacks threaten our working days and everyday lives. We fail to relate cybersecurity to the threat to autonomous computer networks. A third-party physically breaks into a system via its infrastructure devices.

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Access Control Solutions for COVID 19 Work Environment

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has presented a challenge to communities and businesses. At Vanderbilt, we have explored best practices for protecting employees and visitors when they come to a building.

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Seismic Detectors

Vanderbilt’s detector products are specifically designed for round-the-clock monitoring of safes, ATMs, strong rooms or any other environment with high concentration of valuable assets or dangerous goods. All known types of intruder attacks generate unique vibration patterns. Their characteristic values such as timing, frequency and amplitude are detected and analysed using Vanderbilt`s patented Senstec® technology.

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Case Study

Marina Facilities, Denmark

In the beautiful marina in the Danish city of Vejle, Vanderbilt’s ACT365, a cloud-based access control and video management system, was recently installed. The marina wanted an access control system that could integrate with their booking system, Harba, for their 750 members, as well as non-member visitors to the marina.

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