20 Apr 2021

How Cloud-Based Services Bring Multiple Benefits to End-Users

Cloud-based services bring multiple benefits for end customers.

With cloud and service-based security solutions, the end customer can have a robust security system implemented without making expensive investments in technology and IT infrastructure or allocating costly human resources to manage the security systems.

“SaaS applications enable organizations to outsource the management and operation of the security system to an integrator or service provider,” Alex Holmström, Global Sales & Marketing Director for ACRE International. “For start-ups and other smaller companies that want a security solution they can grow with, cloud-based concepts are strong alternatives.”

Vanderbilt's solutions

Within Vanderbilt, both the demand for integration and the development towards cloud-based solutions has been significant in recent years. Vanderbilt's ACT365 (access control system), SPC Connect (burglar alarm), and the Bluetooth ID Management solution VCredential enable the transfer of security monitoring to the integrator via a host platform in the cloud. This simplifies operation and overall handling.

The Growth of the Cloud

Holmström continues: “Here, the end-user can take advantage of the cloud's benefits, as they can access data as well as doors and passages in the monitoring object at any time from any location. And the integrator experiences benefits that include remote diagnostics and easy installation.”

With these improvements, customer satisfaction and thus also the integrator's service-related revenue can increase.

Choosing the right partner

An essential aspect for cloud service providers is to choose a partner who represents openness, sustainability and who can offer a strong network for integration.

“We are very focused on constantly expanding our integration library,” says Holmström. “We currently offer integrations with several leading suppliers within VMS, identity management, access control, and specialized suppliers of software solutions adapted to different needs.

The History of the Cloud

“In this way, we can offer integrators and installation companies flexible, scalable solutions that can, for example, be integrated with end customers' existing video security solutions,” Holmström concludes.

As with all new processes, a learning curve is associated with developing a cloud concept and a service-based business model. That is why it is vital to work with an established supplier of software for access control or burglar alarms that can answer questions about how price structures and invoicing processes work, how integrity and cyber security aspects, and maintenance and updates can be handled.

The key to success is to build a business model with the right solutions. A partnership with a leading and supportive technology supplier is a clear advantage for an integrator who wants to position himself for success in the SaaS market segment.