19 May 2021

“Cloud-based services are where the world is heading,” says Bignall

The onset of the global pandemic has once again highlighted the efficiency of cloud-based security solutions when it comes to managing and monitoring security systems.

“Understandably, we can see how a cloud-based access control system adds benefits for remote users that can’t physically be there,” says Joseph Bignall, Vanderbilt’s newest Access Control Business Development Manager, when discussing the company’s ACT365 cloud-based solution. Bignall continues, “remote access to your security from anywhere in the world using a web-based user-friendly application, phone or tablet has become the norm in 2021.” Bignall specializes in ACT365 for the Irish market and is discussing some of the many benefits of the access control and video management solution that has won a wealth of the industry’s top security awards, including Benchmark and Detektor International’s top gongs.

The Cloud & Business

ACT365 has been a cornerstone in Vanderbilt’s development roadmap as far back as 2014. Since then, the dialogue has shifted from cloud defending to the benefits to both the installer and end-user. Long before the lockdowns, ACT365’s reputation as a reliable and easy-to-use solution was already firmly established. “We spend our time with our customers and value their knowledge and experience and the overwhelming feedback has been how easy ACT365 is to install. We estimate it is 35% quicker to install than an on-premise solution. This is primarily due to no software installation or access to customers servers and IT infrastructure," says Bignall.

He explains the appeal to small-to-medium enterprises. “SME’s very often have multiple sites distanced from each other with limited or outdated IT infrastructure, notably in the retail, gyms and construction sectors. Business owners need to manage access and receive alarm notifications with their current infrastructure wherever they may be. In addition, SME’s can be vulnerable to external cyber-attacks from nefarious criminals. ACT365 robust hosting policies adopts the very latest technologies to mitigate against that."

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Cloud-based security solutions seem poised to cement their place as the first-choice security systems for installers and end-users alike. For Bignall, his role as a Business Development Manager makes this an exciting time in the industry.

“We see cloud based services growing at exponential rates and we see very simply that the security industry is a part of that growth. From our own examples of connected devices to the cloud, which now stand at around 35 billion. In the next four years, that is expected to be well over 75 billion,” he says, clearly relishing the opportunities that lay ahead to deliver on the promise and potential of ACT365 in the Irish market.

ACT365 & Tennis Courts

“For businesses that are looking for something that offers a modern day alternative, that they can grow with, and that’s easy-to-use, ACT365 is for them. This is a product that is the future of access control. It’s clear to see that cloud-based services are where the world is heading.”

*To see how easy cloud-based solutions like ACT365 are to operate on a day-to-day basis, visit Vanderbilt Industries’ YouTube channel to watch Joseph Bignall’s series of How-to ACT365 videos highlighting essential functions of the system within 60 seconds. 

David Prendergast is the Content Creation Manager at Vanderbilt International.