ComNet launch Razberi Monitor™ software

29 Jun 2021

February 2021, Wiesbaden, Germany. ComNet, a global leader specializing in transmission…

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Managed Switches vs. Unmanaged Switches

21 May 2021

Unmanaged switches are basically plug & play—everything that comes into the switch goes…

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ComNet rolls out brand new Webshop for customer base

31 Mar 2021

Wiesbaden, Germany – March 2021: ComNet, a global leader specializing in transmission…

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“The cybersecurity gap is growing”, says ComNet GTS Specialist

29 Mar 2021

Cybersecurity has again been firmly in the news with a spate of high-profile attacks in…

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Iain Deuchars Talks Intelligent Enclosure Protection

17 Feb 2021

Enclosures containing electronics, communications, or cabling infrastructure offer a simple…

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How do ComNet products work in excessive temperatures?

17 Nov 2020

Operational temperature range covers the breadth of ambient temperatures over which a…

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Editorial: The World of Ethernet

15 Oct 2020

How often have you looked to borrow a friend’s mobile phone charging cable just to find…

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ComNet CONNECTED Event in Stockholm, Sweden

12 Oct 2020

ComNet CONNECTED, an event hosted by Vanderbilt & ComNet International, will occur on…

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Hardware Cybersecurity: Insights

2 Oct 2020

Our comprehension of cybersecurity is based around the global internet, where software…

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