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A Focus on Emerging Threats: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

2 Nov 2022

In 2022, cybercrime is ever-increasing, and the number of attacks and bad actors continues…

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ACRE & Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know

30 Jun 2022

When you think of cybersecurity threats, you probably think of internet criminals going out…

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Cybersecurity: Protecting Today's Organizations

24 May 2022

Cybercrime is ever-increasing, and it's risen every year since its inception.

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What are the benefits of ComNet’s Wireless Ethernet Media Converters?

19 May 2022


Author: Iain Deuchars

Last in the series are wireless Ethernet media converters. This is a little different in…

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ComNet launches Product Selector Tool

9 Mar 2022

Wiesbaden, Germany, February 2022 – ComNet, a global leader providing state-of-the-art…

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Product Recap: Omnis, ACTpro, & ComNet updates

2 Feb 2022

January saw a flurry of activity in the Vanderbilt product portfolio.

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Update on Apache Log4j Vulnerability issue

17 Dec 2021

​In conjunction with the Apache Log4j Vulnerability issue we have tested our products…

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How do ComNet products work in excessive temperatures?

23 Nov 2021

Operational temperature range covers the breadth of ambient temperatures over which a…

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Razberi Monitor wins Detektor International Award

1 Nov 2021

ComNet’s Razberi Monitor was a winner at the Detektor International Awards 2021.

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