17 Jan 2017

Today Vanderbilt announced the completion of its integration with Mercury Security to become an Authentic Mercury partner. We're excited to announce this alliance and want to take the time to fill you in on how this affects you, our partners and customers.

For end users, Vanderbilt devices now support Mercury Security’s hardware controllers and peripheral panels, maximizing existing investments to reduce costs and extend product lifecycles. For systems integrator partners, an open-architecture approach supports the long-term success of technology deployments, providing freedom to choose solutions that work best for a specific deployment, an end user’s specific needs or crucial infrastructure requirements.

The Authentic Mercury open architecture model makes it possible for end-user organizations to choose from industry-leading access control software providers, both at the time of product selection or in the future, should they need to evolve their infrastructure at any time. This approach provides a streamlined path to transition from a proprietary or obsolete system to an open, flexible and interoperable platform that meet's modern access control requirements.

In today’s marketplace, it has become crucial for manufacturers to offer more options in the form of open architecture and interoperable devices – and this is especially true in the access control arena. In conversations with customers and integrators, Vanderbilt found that today's most successful installations are those that allow security leaders the freedom to use existing investments and third-party devices as part of a best-in-class security solution. You can’t do this without the ability to integrate these systems together in a cohesive way. And that is why open platforms and interoperability will continue to be a significant focus for us as an organization.

Open solutions benefit the entire security marketplace and allow stakeholders to expand their systems as security and operational needs evolve over time – especially in the ever-changing landscape that defines modern business. For more information about this integration, contact us directly.