17 Feb 2016

Building a Solid Foundation with Tips and Tricks Webinars

There is a saying, “A man without education is like a building without a foundation.” We believe in not only expanding our product offerings, but in growing our customer’s knowledge and providing a true foundation and understanding of what our products can do for them. To fulfill this goal of offering more to our customers, we introduced our Tips and Tricks Webinar series last fall, designed to provide simple instruction on specific product features to ensure that users are able to take full advantage of some of the powerful solutions available in Vanderbilt’s portfolio.

We’re continuing that series in 2016, and have established a wide range of topics for these webinars – everything from badge creation to successfully running reports, managing privileges and video integration, including:

  • Badge Creation: How to create a badge layout, work with different field types, field type options and duplicating a layout
  • Guest Pass/Guest Pass Web: Guest pass settings, adding a guest via SMS software, adding a guest via guest pass web, signing a guest in/out
  • Report Launcher/Report Scheduler: Running a report, exporting a report, finding reports and scheduling reports
  • System Security/Managing Privileges: Adding a group, adding an operator, setting up privileges
  • Transaction Monitoring/Filters: Transaction viewing, creating a filter, applying a filter, filter security
  • User Defined Fields: Creating a field, field types, moving fields, tab order
  • Video Camera Control: Setting up video integration, viewing integrated video
  • Vanderbilt SMS Web Interface: Cardholder definitions, transaction monitor, manual overrides, report launcher

Training our dealers, partners and customers, while offering the best possible support, is key to ensuring that customer fully understand and can make best use of the technology in which they have invested, ask questions and perhaps find additional functionality in the solutions.

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