22 Oct 2020

SPC Testimonials: “Awesome & Practical”

Vanderbilt's SPC is an intrusion detection platform that delivers a modern, powerful security system for your customers’ needs.

SPC protects businesses, properties, and assets. It is an intrusion detection system that offers versatile and comprehensive alarm management functionality. Through the use of cloud services, end-user apps, and a dedicated software suite, the system is at the forefront of modern intrusion detection.

A flagship of the Vanderbilt intrusion portfolio, SPC consistenly receives high-praise from its customer base.

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"I would describe SPC Connect as awesome and practical. My favorite features are the product’s speed and simplicity. The main benefit I have experienced using ACT Enterprise is that I can control my system from anywhere."

  • Sebastien Lamouche, Sales Manager, AB Securite.

"I would describe SPC as professional. My favorite feature is the scope and reliability of the RS485 BUS. The main benefit I experienced using SPC is access control with a connection of any reader."

  • Alexandre Hassenboehler, Technical, Commercial, Serviacom.

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"In one word, I would describe SPC as powerful. I love the technical possibilities that the product allows. It has benefited me most through its reliability."

  • Peter Lock, Technician, Francofa Eurodis.

SPC Connect is an excellent tool for an engineer that helps us service our customers without the need to be onsite. My favourite feature is the mobile app. It is very handy when we need to help our customers. It is fast and easy. The main benefit I have experienced using SPC Connect is much less driving time. 24 hour service has been made easy.

  • Jens Kristian Hornstrup, Chief Engineer , FD Alarmer A/S.

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"I would describe SPC Connect as fantastic, awesome. My favorite feature is the remote maintenance. The main benefit I have experienced from using SPC Connect is winning time. I would strongly recommend using SPC Connect. It is very easy to use."

  • Paul Compas, Business Manager, Monnier.