6 Aug 2021

August Customer Newsletter Recap

Our August newsletter was dispatched to our customer base on Thursday, 5 August.

Check out some of our main highlights from the dispatch:

  • Two years into his role as Senior Product Manager for SPC, Alexander Scheffold reflects on the award-winning intrusion alarm system's journey since its original conception. “FlexC was built from the ground up solely with cybersecurity in mind,” Scheffold says. Read More.
  • Included in this update are features like the support of custom card format, integration with NetworkOptix, and more. ACTpro 3.1 will also support custom Wiegand card formats that can be sent to individual controllers. Read More.
  • In 2020, ACTpro introduced intelligent vehicle management through ANPR, an effective and low-cost solution. When the camera detects or recognizes a vehicle number plate, access can be granted when the detected license plate numbers match the vehicles registered in the user database. Read More.

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