28 Apr 2021

Aspire Partners: Doing Business in the Cloud Era

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way we work, consume and live. More and more is happening online.

For instance, since the beginning of the current pandemic, remote working hours has increased by 150 percent. Naturally, this update has created an increased need for cloud services.

With this in mind, we asked some of our key Aspire Partners for their expert views on whether the emergence of cloud-based security solutions has changed their approach to how they do business in the security industry?

Jitendra Bwade of Infracom Communication Networks, comments on the recent surge in demand of cloud-based solutions.

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“Cloud-based security was an emerging trend within small and medium scale businesses until the COVID-19 pandemic begun in 2020. Due to the shift towards remote work environments, the cloud-security market has seen a surge in demand, with market value growing from $6.76 billion in 2019 to $29.5 billion in 2020,” Bwade begins.

Bwade continues, “For businesses like ours implementing cloud security solutions are far more manageable than on-premises network security. The pandemic continues forcing employees of various companies to work remotely. To ensure that the company provides the services at the same pace and flexibility to meet demand, they adopt cloud-based security. The MENA region is still quite reluctant to adapt to the new system due to the lack of data centers in the GCC region; hence the growth is relatively slow.

"With plans of data centers in various countries around the GCC, there should be a significant rise in the adoption of cloud-based security and hopefully increasing business in the cybersecurity market,” Bwade finishes.

Guillaume Signoret, Remote Monitoring Specialist at Francofa Eurodis, weighs in: “As a distributor of low current equipment and electronic security solutions, our commercial approach to our installer customers has evolved. We are no longer focused on a product; our approach is more global, and the notion of service is much more present.

“We must support installers in the use of new technologies and make sense of the opportunities offered by the use of the cloud,” Signoret states. “Remote intervention which reduces the costs of travel on-site, updating systems in good time, relevant services for users with preventive and curative interventions are all part of this.”

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In conclusion, Signoret concludes: “Cloud-based security solutions are becoming essential and must be accompanied by manufacturers by guarantees of availability, security and the hosting countries identified and compliant with country rules.”

In contrast, “manufacturers appear to have been affected most," states Brian Gartlan, Managing Director of Fortus IRE. "Apart from promoting the endless storage capabilities of cloud-based security solutions, they have also often had a difficult time educating some installers on the RMR possibilities.

“Although end-users accept subscription-type services (e.g., Spotify), the smaller installer doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure within his organization, and many would need to hire additional personnel,” Gartlan continues. “When you consider some smaller systems subscriptions would cost a few pounds and be invoiced monthly, the cost is far greater than the invoice value. To help combat this situation, some manufacturers are looking at annual subscriptions.

“Although cloud-based security has been around for some time, I don’t believe the take-up has been to the level manufacturers hoped for,” Gartlan concludes.