4 Mar 2022

Extensive Training Offering Released by Vanderbilt & ComNet for Asia-Pacific Region

Vanderbilt and ComNet have announced a complete and varied training offering for their customer base in the Asia-Pacific region.

Training from the ACRE brands comes in various forms. For instance, Vanderbilt and ComNet offer learning opportunities through their E-Learning Platform, Virtual Classroom Training, or in-person training at their Singapore Training Center.

The Virtual Classroom Trainings are half-day training sessions that start at 1 pm and end at 5 pm (GMT+8). The in-person trainings hosted in Singapore are provided by trainer Jonny Goh, who joined Vanderbilt & Comnet in 2021. 

Nick Pegtol, Regional Director of Sales for APAC at Vanderbilt and ComNet, explains the detailed training offering available for their Asia-Pacific customers.

“We are offering both Basic and Advanced training options for our ACT and SPC products. In addition, we also have available courses for the ComNet portfolio and our fellow ACRE brand Open Options. All of these courses vary in terms of timelines, and I would encourage any interested parties to download our Training Brochure for full details on our extensive offerings.”

As well as in-person events, Vanderbilt and ComNet have an in-depth kit of online training tools, such as their E-learning platform, online refresher webinars, and a virtual training classroom.

“The world has changed, and so has the way we provide our training courses,” explains Pegtol. “We have done a great deal of work adding certified virtual training courses to our training schedule, allowing participants the opportunity to join from any location. Online training hardware is made available to ensure compelling and interactive practical sessions, and our trainers ensure the same high-quality knowledge transfer is maintained.”

Through these training offerings, attendees can increase their service knowledge for their own customer base, benefit from Vanderbilt and ComNet’s expert advice regarding their portfolio’s integration capabilities, and get real hands-on experience with the companies latest security releases.

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