11 Mar 2019

Agriculture Security: Exploring a Largely Untapped Market

Though the agricultural industry may not be one that immediately comes to mind when you think about security systems and advanced technology solutions, you may be surprised to learn that crime is a significant concern for facilities and stakeholders in this market. Apart from drought, crime was listed as the biggest threat to agriculture in South Africa and crime in rural America is growing.

The inherent nature and layout of a farming operation make it vulnerable to security risks, as they are typically large, expansive and open. They're also frequently laid out in a remote location, which can be enticing to thieves or criminals, as the nearest possibility of any type of outside human interaction may be miles away.

But the products and goods made in these facilities require intense protection, as they often contribute to the nation's health and well-being. Critical assets such as livestock, produce, equipment and tools must be kept safe at all times — despite their often far distances from one another, such as in the field, at remote sites, in warehouses or at storage facilities.

The security industry must therefore place a strong focus on catering to the agricultural industry, providing access control and intrusion solutions in particular, to enable farmers to feel safe and confident that their resources are protected. This begins with ensuring that the perimeter of the facility is efficiently secured. And this applies to more than just farms — greenhouses, food processing facilities and factories require this level of security as well.

A comprehensive intrusion detection system offers versatile and reliable alarm management functionality for facilities in the agricultural industry. It can allow operators to quickly and accurately identify unauthorized activity on the premises before the incident escalates. When enhanced with door controllers, users can benefit from a unified programming experience alongside enhanced security. 

And when integrated within the cloud, managers can monitor and utilize an intrusion security solution from a remote location, which can be critical in this industry. If an event takes place on a farm or ranch at nighttime, for example, an individual that is not currently at the scene can still receive awareness of the situation and facilitate an immediate response.

The agricultural industry is incomprehensibly important to the enhancement and sustainability of life on Earth — and it should be treated as such when it comes to security. Manufacturers and integrators must provide solutions that deliver intelligence, flexibility and control, enabling these facilities to stay one step ahead of the various threats to the market.