28 Oct 2015

Adding Value for Customers with Training

With more and more end users searching for access control solutions that deliver functionality and innovative technology, manufacturers are stepping up to the plate. Once the technology is developed, there are a number of ways that customers can benefit from these offerings that will provide positive results.

One way this can be done is through training – whether it’s at the end user, integrator or dealer level. Training is key to ensuring that customers fully understand and can make the best use of the technology in which they have invested, ask questions and perhaps find additional functionality in the solutions.

End users benefit greatly from the hands-on service that Vanderbilt provides. For example, during a recent install of Vanderbilt SMS at Oregon State University, security officials underwent “in-depth training by Vanderbilt, which made learning to use SMS a breeze.” One official said, “The Vanderbilt team did a great job covering all the bases and making sure we had the information down pat before handing the system over to us.”

Vanderbilt offers additional training in a variety of ways for its partners, including the following:

Dealer Training: Vanderbilt’s partners and dealers undergo extensive training on our access control platforms and solutions, attending week-long sessions dedicated to providing a comprehensive overview of the technology, answering questions, learning troubleshooting strategies, and much, much more. Visit Vanderbilt’s website for a full calendar of training events.

Partner Portal: Vanderbilt’s partners have access to the latest documentation and can purchase training directly through the portal, along with technical support and maintenance contracts. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us.

Tips & Tricks Webinars: New to Vanderbilt this year are Tips & Tricks webinars, expanding training offerings to customers, dealers and partners. These webinars are designed to provide simple instruction on specific product features to ensure that users are able to take advantage of some of the powerful solutions available in Vanderbilt’s portfolio. Tips & Tricks will cover a wide variety of topics throughout the year. Suggestions on topics are welcome. Contact us if you’re interested in participating in an upcoming webinar.

Onsite End User Training: Classes are available at Vanderbilt’s headquarters or onsite at the offices or headquarters for end users. These can be arranged through your local dealer. Contact them for pricing and registration.

End users, dealers and partners all play a vital role in Vanderbilt’s success, and Vanderbilt’s goal is to provide more than a product to these entities – it’s to provide a service and lasting relationship throughout the years. Offering training and follow up is one way Vanderbilt achieves this relationship.