9 Jun 2021

ACTpro continues to thrive in video integrations, including LPR

ACTpro, Vanderbilt’s award-winning access control system, is a tool that offers a wide array of access control functionality. Simplicity, security, and interoperability have been a cornerstone of ACTpro since its inception. ACTpro simplifies even the most complex tasks and integrates with multiple solutions within Vanderbilt’s product portfolio and with third-party products.

“The consolidation of systems into a single interface is a feature of modern IT systems in general”, explains Michael Moyna, Senior Product Manager at Vanderbilt International. “Operators can use their preferred interface to retrieve relevant information from the different subsystems. ACTpro has a particular emphasis on video integration and interfaces with most of the major global video brands “

Moyna outlines the appeal of video integration with ACTpro. “Convenience for the operators is a high priority and our video integrations offer the operator substantial cost and time saving to perform tasks and reduce the workload with a single intuitive interface. For instance, if there is a disturbance at a location the manager can investigate without going outside. This can be achieved by simply reviewing the live video from ACTpro. Similarly, when a HR manager reviews an incident, they can check video associated with the door alarms and events without swapping between separate systems. There is also additional cost-saving as a manager will not require expensive video software installed on their computer and the reduced training and support overhead resource from the IT department."

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The increase in innovation in the security industry in recent years has been noticeable. Integration of products has been at the forefront of this drive. Ten years ago, it was not uncommon for a HR manager to be monitoring multiple screens; one for access control, one for HR, one for video. Today, all of this information is collated into one screen.

“One of the big drivers in integration is the convergence of electronic security system components. System integrators can choose ‘best-in-class’ brands to meet customer expectations,” says Michael Byrden, Business Development Manager for Access Control at Vanderbilt International. “With standardization across the video management sector through open protocols, integrators can mix and match storage devices and cameras.

“Convergence has made it possible for companies like Vanderbilt in the access control space to cover a lot of ground by simply integrating ACTpro straight into global leading brand’s” explains Byrden.

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In 2020, ACTpro introduced intelligent vehicle management through Licence Plate Recognition (LPR), an effective and low-cost solution. When the camera detects or recognizes a vehicle number plate, access can be granted when the detected license plate numbers match the vehicles registered in the user database. Byrden sees great potential for it in the transportation and logistics sectors.

“It’s a super example of integration between access control and video,” he begins. “Ideal for warehouses, depots, supermarkets – anywhere, where you might need to track the number of deliveries coming and going throughout the day or week. How many trucks left that morning, how many came back – that type of detail is critical for transport and logistic centers. There is also substantial loss within distribution centers where the truck may take the wrong container or an unauthorized driver gains access to the compound and leaves with a valuable container.

There are large cost-savings and security benefits with the ACTpro-LPR integration.

David Prendergast is the Content Creation Manager at Vanderbilt International.