16 Nov 2021

ACTpro installed in popular Singaporean church

Vanderbilt ACTpro’s latest site of protection takes us to holy ground in Singapore.

Installed and tested in March 2021, the Church of the Good Shepherd has been enjoying the many access control benefits of Vanderbilt’s award-winning ACTpro successfully for eight months now.

As installers Main Hardware International identified, selecting an access control security system for a church poses a set of unique challenges. For instance, the system has to be user-friendly and be perceived as “welcoming” for the public and church members to worship in peace and comfort. More importantly, for the Church of the Good Shepherd, in particular, the system had to be scalable and user-friendly to ease manpower limitations in the management of the facility.

It was based on those circumstances that Hardware International quickly identified ACTpro as the ideal solution to meet and satisfy these needs. The system consists of 23 protected doors, including offices, sanctuaries of worship, and other prayer rooms.

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Commenting on the project, Mr. Alfred Sng of Main Hardware says: “We are pleased to work with Vanderbilt and Church of Good Shepherd on their new building. As well as the powerful and yet flexible features that ACTpro offers, it also has the capabilities to integrate with a room reservation system which the client may consider implementing in the future."

ACTpro has been used in many projects in Asia-Pacific to date, including St. Andrew’s House, a Boarding Home for International students in Singapore, and on the light-rail public transport system, Metro Express, in Mauritius. ACTpro also made its first venture into China in 2021.

Commenting on ACTpro’s growing traction in the region, Melvyn Teo, Market Development Manager for Vanderbilt, says: “While ACTpro has been selling in Europe for 20 years, it has only been in Asia for 3 years. But ACTpro has all the nice and sophisticated features of a Western branded product at an Asian price point. A Western branded product is perceived to be a bit more professional, more stable, and yet the product is also a lot more value for money. So, there is a very positive outlook here on ACTpro.”