8 Nov 2022

ACTpro's sophisticated integration with Intercom Systems

ACTpro is ACRE’s award-winning access control system that makes tasks more convenient.

An essential appeal of ACTpro as an access control system is the depth of the solution’s integration capabilities. ACTpro integrates with multiple world-class video brands, KONE elevators, Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems, and intercom systems like Zenitel and BAS-IP.

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For example, when a visitor arrives, allowing them access to the building is easy when your intercom system is integrated into ACTpro. Michael Moyna, Senior Product Manager at ACRE International, explains.

“When a visitor activates the intercom, the employee monitoring the ACTpro software will get a pop-up on their screen, informing them that a call is waiting. Then the employee simply answers the call, confirms the visitor’s identity, and can grant access based on the nature of the visit.” 

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This type of integration with ACTpro also strengthens security. For instance, when suspicious activity is suspected at the door, an employee can quickly launch the intercom pop-up, select “Advanced Door Commands,” and put the door into Lockdown Mode.

“They can also advise those acting suspiciously that the police have been called and they are being monitored,” says Moyna. “Overall, ACTpro integrated with an intercom system enhances security, central logging and reporting, and is convenient, quick, and easy to use.”