17 Sep 2021

Learn about ACTpro's extensive integrations

ACTpro, Vanderbilt’s award-winning access control system, is a tool that offers a wide array of access control functionality. 

Simplicity, security, and interoperability are a cornerstone of ACTpro since its inception. ACTpro simplifies even the most complex tasks and integrates with multiple solutions within Vanderbilt’s product portfolio and third-party products.


ACTpro software establishes a TCP/IP communication and retrieves video footage from the Dahua NVR hardware. Using the easy-to-use configuration tool, the integrator simply selects the Dahua dropdown option in the menu to establish communication. Once connected, cameras can be associated with access control doors for real-time viewing and for video verification combining access control and video management. This integration also facilitates the capturing of alarm events with a video snapshot option.


ACTpro integrates with Hanwha Wisenet NVR (SUNAPI 2.5.7 or later). The operator can visually verify access control activity and video footage directly from ACTpro. The integration removes the need for operators to use two separate software platforms. Operators can conveniently view live streams or recorded video associated with a door directly in ACTpro. This integration is an excellent example of two leading technology brands cooperating to ensure mutual customers can efficiently and conveniently obtain maximum value from their investment in a security solution.

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ACTpro integrates with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7. This is Aviligon’s latest and most advanced version of their video management software and is designed to bring the correct information to you so that you can take action. ACC 7 delivers an easy-to-use, AI-enabled user interface to help ensure critical events do not go unnoticed. ACTpro software establishes a TCP/IP connection to retrieve video footage from the video system. The integrator simply associates cameras to access control doors for real-time viewing and video verification.


The ACTpro and KONE integration allows for a significant increase in footfall through the elevator system. This means you can prioritize elevators and make them work efficiently. For example, the elevator can be configured for optimal utilization during morning rush hour to ensure effective throughput. A cardholder presents their card to a KONE Destination Operator Panel (DOP), Car Operator Panel (COP), or turnstile with an integrated ACT reader. ACTpro passes MASK information to the KONE group controller. The KONE group controller then accepts a request to travel to an allowed floor.

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The ANPR/LPR camera automatically reads the license plate and converts it to a numeric format. The number is then transmitted to the ACTpro controller via the Wiegand or OSPD interface. If the user is configured with appropriate access rights, access is granted. This integration allows authorized people to enter and leave the site without the need for a manned station. System users of the integration will know when an unauthorized vehicle enters their premises within seconds and can organize to have alerts sent when a vehicle from a hotlist passes the detection. Essentially, this integration enables one to monitor personnel coming and going.