11 Jul 2018

ACT365 in Action, Part One: Keeping students safe while they study

ACT365 is a complete access control and video management solution. Access control and video management are key security systems and ACT365 creates a unified integrated system, delivering a force that gives users far greater visibility and control of their assets.

Ease of use and convenience are key ingredients to the product’s strength and depth in the field. Critically, it allows end-users the ability to manage their systems remotely, including viewing live cameras. It is this remote monitoring capability that makes ACT365 ideal for multiple sectors.

The Brief

A Study Abroad University in London that hosts students from the USA wanted a security system to protect their student accommodation.The university wanted a keyless system that would grant 24/7 access to its students while also enabling campus security to monitor these activities remotely.

ACT365 keeps audit trails of who is in the student accommodation by monitoring and recording fob activity. ACT365 produces diagnostic reports on door status and can investigate situations such as door forced, door ajar and break glass activation either locally or remotely.

If an incident should arise in the student accommodation, ACT365 links events at doors through video footage so campus security can quickly identify and react. Live and recorded footage can be viewed remotely and footage can be used in evidence. 


Campus security can provide pin codes, access fobs, and cards to students. These credentials can be easily enabled or disabled remotely if required. This can be managed on desktops, laptops tablet, or smartphone device. In the event of a fire or other emergency, ACT365 automatically unlocks all doors allowing students to reach safety.

The ACT365 muster report gives security campus a real-time list of all students in the campus accommodation building. When students exit their accommodation and swipe out, the muster report automatically updates. If someone is missing, campus security can check cameras and call them directly by clicking on their name in the dashboard.