26 Jun 2017

ACT365 shines bright in IFSEC spotlight

ACT365 delivered plenty of energy to Vanderbilt’s stand at last week’s IFSEC International tradeshow in London. Approximately 27,000 people attended the three-day show and the cloud-based solution played an effective role in drawing visitors to the Vanderbilt booth.

A browser and an internet connection are all that's required to access Vanderbilt’s latest addition to its cloud-based arsenal. ACT365 is an integrated access control and video management solution. Ease of use and convenience are key ingredients to the product’s strength and depth in the field.

ACT365 eases the installers’ job for simple and quick installations and performing maintenance tasks remotely. The result is delivering ultimate control while saving time and money. With access to all sites from one online interface, installers can get more done, more easily, and in less time.

Moreover, as ACT365 hardware is connected directly to the IP network, and no software needs to be installed as hosting effectively outsourced, it ensures that the IT headaches of creating backups, VPN’s, and port forwarding are things of the past.

ACT365 also allows end-users the ability to manage their systems remotely including viewing live cameras. This remote monitoring capability makes it well-suited to multiple sectors.

For example, dealing with early morning deliveries at a retail store is an ideal example of ACT365 in its prime. From the ACT365 app on their smartphone, the store manager can identify the courier through a live video feed and then remotely open the doors of the loading bay to allow the delivery to be made. The manager can monitor all of this remotely and once the delivery is finished, they can close the loading bay door and it will automatically rearm.

Another instance of ACT365’s firepower can be seen at gyms or other types of membership clubs. If gym members are passing their access fobs to friends who are not members, ACT365 enables the gym manager to quickly match up access control events with relevant camera footage and email the clips to those members who are allowing their fobs to be misused. This is an effective way of ensuring the practice does not continue.

As seen through numerous product demonstrations during IFSEC, ACT365’s features put the customer first. They eradicate once burdensome responsibilities that can now be promptly completed through the click of a button on mobile or desktop devices.

Vanderbilt’s investment and innovation in cloud-based solutions harness the best efforts of the company’s core qualities – agility, adaptability, and dependability. Through the power of remote monitoring available from ACT365, Vanderbilt offers both installers and end-users convenience through simplicity.