13 Jan 2021

Why ACT365 is popular in membership-type environments, such as Gyms

ACT365 is Vanderbilt’s cloud-based access control and video management solution.

The solution is a very popular choice in membership-type environments such as leisure arenas, construction sites, office rental space and gyms and fitness centers.

With Vanderbilt’s ACT365, a business owner or security manager can access the system 365 days a year from any device, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. This makes management simple and intuitive.

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For instance, if gym members are passing their access fobs to friends who are not members, with ACT365 you can quickly match up access control events with relevant camera footage and email the clips to those members who are allowing their fobs to be misused. This is an effective way of ensuring the practice does not continue.

ACT365 & Doncaster Gym


Moreover, you can also send access credentials from ACT365 that can be used via Bluetooth enabled smartphones. This frictionless access control means that users need only present their Bluetooth credential to the ACT365 reader to gain access. More importantly, if these users do not pay their membership, you can cancel their credential thus cutting off their access to enter your premises. Ultimately, this gives greater control to gym owners to manage their business more efficiently. 

Video Verification

Of course, ACT365’s real power is that aside from the access control verification records that are automatically stored on the system based on interaction history, ACT365 also provides the added layer of video verification to clarify an event.

Simply put, ACT365 creates a complete system, delivering a force that gives business owners far greater visibility and control of their future.