26 Aug 2021

ACT365 Continues to Evolve

ACT365 is continously evolving and improving with the latest technology trends with new features being added regularly.

For instance, thanks to VCredential, Vanderbilt’s cloud-based credential management platform, users can now generate and manage Bluetooth credentials compatible with ACT365 readers, from their smartphone.

The use of Bluetooth credentials with ACT365 is convenient, time-effective, and health and safety conscious. In addition, QR codes can also be generated directly from the ACT365 cardholder page with validity periods. When a user is sent a QR code from ACT365 to their smartphone, all they have to do is scan the QR code at a compatible reader, and they are granted access. 

ACT365: Complete Security

Again, this plays into ACT365’s key benefits of convenience, ease-of-use, and contactless activation. The ACT365 Video Verification scroll bar allows ease of use and accessibility to all logged events. From Access granted to motion detected, you can now simply view any event picked up by video without having to endlessly search for it.

Overall, the major benefit of ACT365 is that it is hosted in the cloud and therefore delivers remote access and instant management to protect your premises. Access control and video management are key security systems. ACT365 creates a complete system, delivering a force that gives business owners far greater visibility and control of their property.