20 Apr 2021

Vanderbilt’s & Thinking Software collaborate with ACT & RotaOne solutions

Wiesbaden, Germany, April 2021 – Vanderbilt, a global leader providing state-of-the-art security systems, is pleased to announce the integration of their ACTpro and ACT365 access control systems with Thinking Software’s RotaOne time and attendance software.

RotaOne is a cloud-based time and attendance and shift management solution that produces live roll call reports. Paul Coombes, Sales and Marketing Director at Thinking Software, explains the blueprint behind the innovative software tool.

“RotaOne is really quick, easy, and intuitive to use. The configuration options for automation around pay rules, rounding rules, break rules, and contract rules are market-leading. Overall, RotaOne is a highly configurable piece of software that can be used in small businesses through to international enterprises all over the world,” says Coombes.

RotaOne is a single point of contact for shift planning, staff monitoring, and absence management – all under the umbrella of a highly secure piece of software. The software’s integration with Vanderbilt’s ACTpro and ACT365 products offers further depth to the product’s appeal. 

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Coombes believes that RotaOne’s unique selling point is “definitely the integration” with ACT. As all events generated in ACT automatically come through into RotaOne, the client can have an access control system and a time and attendance point, all without any additional hardware or infrastructure. This saves costs and prevents data duplication through the synchronization of a one-point data entry system. “That is the selling point,” states Coombes.

RotaOne and ACT integrate through Thinking Software’s RotaConnect. This is installed either on-site or close to the ACT server and acts as a channel between RotaOne and ACT. The benefits of this include RotaConnect immediately patching events if there is any downtime in internet connectivity. Essentially it is a powerful synchronization tool that provides a health status check on both products to ensure everything is working and running smoothly and mitigates the risk of a successful cyber-attack by encrypting data at both at rest and in transit.

RotaOne and Vanderbilt’s ACT portfolio appear to be kindred spirits. Both are very cost-effective tools that make it affordable for companies to protect their premises and manage their workforce. Coombes highlights that the bigger the organization, the more cost-effective its savings will be when investing in this integration. “Bigger companies can literally save hundreds of thousands of pounds by using RotaOne, ACT, or better yet, an integration of the two,” he says.

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Michael Byrden, Access Control Business Development Manager at Vanderbilt, weighs in on the integration: “We place a high emphasis on collaborating with the best technology partners in the world. Thinking Software fits this description perfectly. Their RotaOne time and attendance solution is a software tool that delivers best-in-class value to customers alongside our ACTpro on-premise and ACT365 cloud based solutions. We are delighted to team up with them and excited to show our customers what this integration can deliver for them.”

About Thinking Software:

Founded in 1994, Thinking Software is a committed, innovative supplier of Workforce Management and Time and Attendance solutions. We have developed our products to be usable, powerful, and flexible. We understand that every business is unique, so our solutions are highly configurable and can be customized to meet your requirements. We have in-house development resources to design and deliver the results you need. With over 25 years of experience behind us, we provide high-quality solutions that improve our client’s time and attendance monitoring, human resources compliance and workforce resource planning. For more information, visit www.thinking-software.com