17 Nov 2020

ACT receives integration certs from Milestone

Vanderbilt's award-winning ACT system has officially received its integration certificates from Milestone.

This official certification means that Vanderbilt’s ACT now has full VMS integration with the Milestone Integration Platform. This essentially displays the database of ACT on the Milestone front end.

This integration delivers ACT as a scalable solution for our customers by combining top-class access control with world-renowned video through the Milestone brand. Choose the power of interoperability and maximize your security investment by choosing Vanderbilt’s ACT access control.

View the integration certificates below:

Milestone Marketplace

Open to all XProtect users, Marketplace is where you can find and compare the hardware, software and solution service partners to build the video management solution your business needs. Explore Milestone Marketplace to see how ACT Enterprise Integration to XProtect® works, key features, and additional documentation on installation: https://www.milestonesys.com/marketplace/vanderbilt/act-enterprise/

Integrating with Milestone