24 Apr 2019

ACT Enterprise is finalist at Benchmark Innovation Awards 2019

Vanderbilt's ACT Enterprise has been nominated as a finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2019.

The access control solution has been nominated in the Access Control Software category. The USP of the existing ACT system has been that it possesses all the features you would expect in a modern-day access control system, and is simple to install and maintain, regardless of your access control experience. This matters to installers because when a system is fast to install and more straightforward to set-up and quote, it removes the complexity from access control and allows installers to get more done, more efficiently, and in less time. This ultimately benefits their business and their bottom-line.The latest ACT Enterprise features include integration with Vanderbilt’s award-winning SPC intrusion system, a rules mapping engine, a smartphone app, and PoE Ultra controllers. Read more about the evolution of ACT Enterprise >>

Why Benchmark Matters

Benchmark believe that the future of the electronic security sector lies in the creation of innovative and smart solutions. The Benchmark Innovation Awards recognize that it is vital that manufacturers deliver innovation that both enhances the technological capabilities of their products, and allow those developments to be implemented realistically. Thus, the Awards seek to reward such solutions.

Outlining the versatility of the new ACT Enterprise feature set, Ross Wilks, Vanderbilt’s Head of Marketing Communications, starts off: “Our Apple and Android compatible apps mean real-time monitoring, user management and administration from your smartphone. You can lock and unlock doors, authorize users and check who’s in and who’s out – wherever you are. Security has never been more convenient, and you’ve never been more in control.”

ACT Enterprise: Multiple Integrations

ACT Enterprise also interfaces from within, and now connects with the award-winning Vanderbilt intrusion system, SPC. This delivers a unified access control and intrusion detection system with features such as a graphical maps interface being made available. This provides installation companies with a platform that will be dispatched to customers efficiently, providing an overview of their entire access and intrusion systems all from one screen. Control of all devices is capable with the click of a button.

However, the highest level of interest shown by customers interested in ACT Enterprise is reserved for its rules mapping engine. Essentially, this feature is an easy point-and-click way to enable advanced configurations of triggers based on selected action events such as system inputs or outputs, card swipe outcomes across the access control system, as well as other elements of an integrated system such as intrusion system events. 

PoE Ultra Performance

Meanwhile, the most recent addition to the feature-rich solution is  PoE Ultra controllers. The hardware in these controllers ensures support for all power requirements, including local door accessories and components like card readers, door locks and request to exit buttons. PoE Ultra accomplishes this without the need for additional Power Supply Units (PSUs). Powered over the ethernet, it means less cabling and more convenience.

Benchmark is the industry's only publication for installers and integrators which is dedicated to technological innovation and the design and implementation of smarter solutions. 

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