21 Oct 2020

ACTpro updates to version 2.14

Wiesbaden, Germany, October 2020: Vanderbilt, a global leader providing state-of-the-art security systems, announced today the release of ACTpro 2.14.

ACTpro is the company’s award-winning access control software that has a wealth of features and integrations. The latest additions in version 2.14 include extended integration with KONE and new video integration with Hanwha. The software has also added contact traceability reporting to its suite of tools.

For instance, thanks to contact traceability reporting, users of ACTpro can now successfully track potentially close contact cases within their building, including doors they may have interacted with. 

Commenting on the new feature, Alex Holmström, Global Sales Director at Vanderbilt, states: “This feature will help businesses create a safer and cleaner environment for their staff. System users can now remotely monitor their office from anywhere in the world, including tracking international travelers to their site.”

ACTpro 2.14 also sees additional benefits added to the software’s existing integration with KONE. By supporting KONE's latest API calls, it allows for a much faster install time compared with traditional hardwired input and outputs. Instead, ACTpro and KONE software communicate at an API level. This optimizes the KONE system by having an efficient throughput within the building.

Michael Moyna, Senior Product Manager at Vanderbilt, explains in more detail: “The benefits of KONE integration are twofold. It makes the installation and integration of KONE and ACT much more straightforward because there is no cabling required as with traditional hardwired elevator control since the ACT software talks directly to the KONE server via the KONE API. 

Vanderbilt International · The Continued Benefits of ACT Enterprise's Latest Integration Features with KONE

“The big benefit, certainly for large buildings, is that it allows for a large increase in footfall through the elevator system. This means you can prioritize elevators and make them work efficiently. For example, during morning rush hour, the elevator can be configured for optimal utilization to ensure effective throughput.”

Lastly, a new release in this version is video integration with Hanwha’s Wisenet WAVE system and Dahua. These video additions complement an already rich set of integrations that include Milestones 3XLogic and Hikvision.

ACTpro users can play live video or recorded video associated with a door through these video integrations. Moyna expands on the value of this: “If an event happened last week where a door was forced open, the operator can right-click on the event in ACTpro and simply replay the video recording from the Hanwha Wisenet WAVE system. 

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“This makes for a more precise examination of the video system concerning the access control event. It also removes the operator's need to visit the control room to retrieve the footage as it can be viewed directly within ACTpro instead. This, of course, delivers an added layer of convenience to the system’s users,” he concludes.

Please note: The new contact traceability report and integrations with Hanwha and Dahua are part of ACTpro. However, the KONE integration requires an additional license from Vanderbilt.