29 Nov 2022

ACRE Now Providing Streamlined Selection of Offerings with the ComNet Product Selector Tool

ACRE is now providing streamlined product selection with the innovatively designed, ComNet Product Selector Tool.

Designed for ACRE salespeople and customers alike, the ComNet Product Selector Tool allows all customers to seamlessly and quickly search the entire ComNet catalog of products ranging from ethernet switches, media converters, copperline systems, and much more with a few simple clicks.

A top-class and innovatively designed service offering for customers, this tool has been developed to make life simple and provide a streamlined selection of exactly what is needed within each industry, ensuring only the best for each customer. By enabling customers to efficiently browse through the ComNet product catalog through an organized interface, customers can highlight the depth and benefits of the entire product range. All newly listed products are automatically synced and can be found under “Tools” in the relevant section.

Once the solution the customer is searching for is found and the details provided are sufficient for their needs, there is an option to purchase directly from the ComNet web shop.

The ComNet Selector Tool allows customers to streamline their selection with the following product types available:

  • Ethernet switches, media converters, repeaters, terminal services, routers, and power injection modules.
  • Wireless ethernet tools.
  • Extended ethernet (copper line) tools.
  • SFP Modules.
  • Standard product interfaces that support analog video, RS data, line-level audio, and contact closure signals over optical fiber.
  • Power supplies for ComNet industrial-rated products.
  • Solar systems where ComNet provides two-way configured systems for continuous 30w delivery based on three or six hours of peak sunlight. Custom-managed solar systems are also offered.
  • Battery back-up.

Begin your journey today with ACRE and make the best selection for your organization visit the ComNet Product Selector Tool where you can find all live ComNet products!