25 Jan 2021

Access Control Trends for 2021

Looking at potential market trends for the coming year, I highlight three areas that are likely to take place in access control during 2021.

Access Control Credentials

Notwithstanding the convenience factor, the ease at which credentials can be deployed to and users’ mobile phones is changing the way we think about access control. Facial recognition devices are deemed preferable to fingerprint devices with people wanting fewer touchpoints when they arrive at a premise. 

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The adoption of higher encryption credentials continues at a pace as the market matures. Security managers are more conscious of the importance of security and encryption of cards and are migrating to global open standards like MIFARE DESFire EV2. Lower price and high availability are also contributary drivers.

Third-Party Integrations

Customers are demanding better services and solutions from their providers. Consequently, providers are under pressure to deliver value to their customers in ever increasing speed. While Vanderbilt may the best in the market in our chosen sectors, choosing to partner with complimentary sector specialists like Video Management Solutions and workforce management makes sense. 

Michael Byrden is the Business Development Manager for Access Control at Vanderbilt International.