26 May 2022

Access Control Integration Trends: What Can We Look Forward To?

Let’s take an in-depth look at current trends in access control and make our predictions for the year ahead in the industry, focusing mainly on advancements in integration, including a few examples from our very own ACTpro! 

In addition to this, we will also discuss why integration is so important in the access control industry. Without further ado, here's what we think you need to know about access control integration this year to stay ahead of the curve!

So, why is integration important for access control systems?

Integration is vital to access control because it allows our systems to function more efficiently. Integrating access control systems with new software types expands how we can use them, which is cost-effective by minimizing the extra hardware required to innovate systems.

Integration also helps make day-to-day operations operate more smoothly by streamlining all necessary access control functions into a single accessible, easy-to-use interface that improves security and communication between staff in virtually any field. Let's look at a few integration trends hitting the market this year. 

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Video Management

Integrating top-of-the-line video management software with an access control system is crucial to ensuring that security personnel can access the necessary footage to take action when needed. Avigilon is a prime example of software that fulfills this need and can integrate with access control solutions for greater efficiency in security. Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC 7) has recently been integrated with ACTpro, allowing for real-time viewing of key security locations and video verification. Check it out here!

Automatic Vehicle Monitoring

For the more exposed outdoor areas that need monitoring, automatic vehicle monitoring software can be integrated with access control systems to ensure that only approved vehicles may enter sensitive areas. One example of this is the ANPR camera system, which can automatically integrate with ACTpro to read license plates and allow vehicles to enter restricted areas if recognized by the system. Learn more about this integration here!

Elevator Access Control

To ensure that only authorized personnel can access restricted floors in any given building, card-based access control solutions can be used to confirm that only verified cardholders are granted access to protected areas. One such integration that accomplishes this task is KONE, commonly used to optimize elevator performance during high-traffic timeframes, ensuring maximum efficiency and security. Learn about the benefits of KONE integrations here!

It's clear to see that flexible access control integration is here to stay. As new trends develop each year, the possibilities are truly limitless. These integrations empower systems to operate more efficiently and help day-to-day operations run more smoothly by streamlining an organization's access control system, improving overall communication and security for any sector or industry.