11 Jan 2016

In the past year, we saw a revolution in access control methodologies, including increased integration with video management software and video surveillance capabilities to better protect businesses and enterprise applications.

The transition of security operations into the IT sphere is changing the way businesses go about choosing and constructing their security networks by allowing access control solutions to rely increasingly on software and web-based solutions that offer a number of functional, personnel and financial benefits.

This affects access control solutions in that a complete operational overhaul is no longer necessary for a corporate enterprise or business, since these solutions can be introduced and scaled on an entirely individual basis. The integration capabilities of IT for CCTV as well as state-of-the-art IP video surveillance and alarm management systems gives access control a renewed technological edge.

 By moving access control to the IT department, trained IT specialists and CIOs can finally be brought into the fold on security decisions. These professionals can offer a different perspective and leverage their expertise to advise on strategic technological investments as well as provide an extra layer of security coverage beyond traditional access control. Training security personnel becomes easier as IT-based systems run on easy-to-use platforms that require minimal training, reducing the amount of time spent on learning complex software systems. Additionally, IT departments can leverage existing product families in a network environment with which they are already familiar, ensuring timely responses when it comes to incident management.

 One of the most attractive advantages of phasing out traditional, hardware-based access control in favor of web-based solutions is the lower cost of installation and ownership. Since there is less hardware required to provide coverage to a large area, IT access control can offer significant cost savings per unit or door and lower the cost of potentially overhauling an existing analog or hardware-based system. The result is a larger return on investment for security operations centers, end users and integrators alike.

 As innovations in IT continue to grow, end users, integrators and access control manufacturers will continue to seek out opportunities to innovate and simplify access control systems to provide the safest, most cost-effective solution for corporations and enterprises around the globe.